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Overcome Your Fear Of Flying

A practical fear of flying course to help you get to grips with air travel.

Using Full Motion Flight Simulators we will be able to not only talk you through but also recreate the scenarios that concern you.

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Tony W
March 2023
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Worried about flying? Seriously, just do this course. I had not flown for 5 years and everybody was pretty convinced I never would again. I boarded a plane home after the course (yesterday) and flew home. I am now going to Spain later in the year. If you are reading this thinking, 'yeah but, my fear is different, it wont work for me', then you are thinking exactly what I was before I went. Do this course!! (oh and stop googling stuff about how planes can go wrong, Mak will debunk absolutely everything you read!)
October 2022
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I recently completed the fear of flying course with Mak from Full motion experience and what an experience it was. I was apprehensive on the way but a call from Mak set me at ease. We spent an hour in the briefing room talking over all aspects of flying and again with this newfound knowledge I was ready to spend the next hour in the simulator. After entering the simulator and strapping in Mak explained all the controls and how everything has a backup system which again set my mind at ease. It was now time for take off, palms were sweating, mouth was dry, and stomach was in knots ... (read more)
Sept 2022
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Sitting on a sun bed in sunny Tenerife 😀 Thank you so much for the help, support and advice you gave me. This morning I put on a music track which truly broke me. I realised the anger I have been carrying around with me for 40 years has finally been challenged and the doubt in me is created only by me. You told me I was the problem when we first met. You were spot on. To use the words from the song "I've been travelling a hard road carry my heavy load" Today that heavy load is lighter and the road not so hard thanks to you.
Sept 2022
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Just wanted to give you an update, I went to Morocco and came back last week and didn't even get nervous on the flight i was so relaxed I ended up sleeping. Thank you so much for all your help I really do appreciate it I can't believe when we first spoke I haven't been on a plane in 15 years and already this year I have been on 4 flights.
August 2022
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If like me you have allowed you fear of flying to stop you from making wonderful memories with your family - please book this course! You won’t be disappointed! Captain Mak is an expert in offering factual and reassuring information about how an aircraft works ...
August 2022
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I have recently attended the ‘Fear of flying’ session with Mak and wanted to say a huge thank you for this amazing experience! I am an extremely nervous passenger and have done various courses, taken medication, had hypnotherapy and nothing is as good as this session. Mak is a true professional, so incredibly patient and explains everything so well ...
May 2022
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Your Fear Of Flying course was SO helpful! Just completed a short return flight to Geneva (not Florence) with BA!! I needed a drink to set me up for each flight but I managed it ! I kept thinking about your explanations of turbulence and landing procedures and managed to stay calm. Thanks again for your support. Best wishes Christine (Surbiton)
Lynne M
May 2022
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My ‘Fear of flying’ session with Sia last week. Firstly, I feel so fortunate to have had this experience in the simulator as I was absolutely terrified when I arrived. I am probably the worst passenger in the world and I have ran off planes and not boarded on some flights.

Fear Of Flying Course Using Full Motion Simulators
The most effective way!

Students often come to us after having completed a course before. We offer one to one tuition and a bespoke simulator experience to ensure that the concerns you have are addressed in full. The Full Motion Full Flight Simulator is certified Level D meaning it is as close to the real thing as you can get.

Fear Of Flying Course
What can I expect?

Fear Of Flying Course
Full Motion Simulator

(1 Hour Classroom, 2 Hours Simulator)

Our Full Motion Simulator Fear Of Flying Course not only offers the classroom time to get to the root of the problems you have with air travel, but you will also get to go into a Level D Flight Simulator.

It’s as close to a real aircraft you can get while not leaving the ground! A £15 Million professional FULL MOTION flight simulator. This is what pilots train in, it can recreate any and all weather conditions that may effect the aircraft AND if you are concerned by TURBULENCE … in this simulator you can really FEEL it.

If the movement and unexpected bumps of the flight are what you need to get to grips with, this is the option you will want to choose.

Fear Of Flying Course - Full Motion Simulator
Fear Of Flying Course - Fixed Base Simulator

Fear Of Flying Course
Fixed Base Simulator


The cheaper of the two options, you will still receive the same amount of classroom time, of course, but the simulator you will spend the second half of the time is FIXED BASE.

This means that it is static and you will not get to feel the movement of the aircraft. It is still a complete replica of an aircraft cockpit and your mind will likely fool you into thinking that you are moving.

A fixed base experience may more suitable if your concerns are about the safety procedures pilots use rather than the movement of the flight.