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About Fear Of Flying Course

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On this page you can learn more About Fear Of Flying Course and the company that runs it – Full Motion Experience, a Flight Simulator Hire company.

Full Motion Experience was launched in February of 2020 and, even though the pandemic has slowed our progress, we have completed many successful and enjoyable experiences AND courses with our clients.

When it comes to our Fear Of Flying Course we want to be able to help people get past their concerns of air travel. We have met people who have had their personal and professional lives hindered by an inability to travel in a plane. As one of the safest modes of transport we believe it is entirely possible to help people to step onto that aircraft and not only deal with the flight but possibly even enjoy it!

We separate our courses between the classroom and professional standard Full Motion Flight Simulators which will very much look and feel like the real thing. 

With this practical element and the fact that it is a one-on-one course we believe we have a success rate that exceeds those of the larger airlines.  

As a business as a whole, our mission is to bring the excitement and technical ins and outs of Commercial Aviation to the general public in a fun and informative way.

We encourage aviation enthusiasts or anyone interested in aviation to see what it’s like to pilot a Boeing 737NG or Airbus A320.

Our instructors are all fully qualified Commercial and Simulator Pilots. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. A combined 30 years in fact (!) and over 45,000 hours of flight time in the air.

They have experience in both Fixed Base and Full Motion Flight Simulators and will be able to help you feel comfortable as you sit either behind the cockpit or in the co-pilot’s chair … our instructors are there to help, teach and inform.